Do you already have a photo booth for your next themed party?

Make your themed parties extra special by renting Inside Out Booth.

Photo Booth Rentals for Family FunThe number of people who rent for photo booths is increasing. In events such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and other parties, people love renting a photo booth and give extra entertainment to the guests with the fancy photo-taking sessions. More and more and now hooked in this photo booth craze.

Photo booths usually give you templates to choose from, and many provide customized templates to personalize your photo booth rental in line with your event. And since photo booth themes are customizable, take advantage of the privilege and make so much out of it. And to do so, get a themed party or event and customize your photo booth rental to be the same as the theme, too!


Here are some themes for parties where photo booths can be a great partner.


Gather all the people in your neighborhood and give a trick or treat party on the Halloween’s eve. Have everyone dressed up in their best Halloween costumes, hold Halloween-themed games, and don’t forget the best dressed. Add extra fun by having your photo booth rental themed in Halloween and see how kids and adults love them.

Winter Christmas

One of the most awaited seasons in the world is the Christmas season. Suggest a winter Christmas themed party in your company and have the photo booth filled with hail and snowflakes and see the beautiful effects it gives when photos are captured and developed to be brought home by each one as their souvenirs.


Your company might be celebrating its golden anniversary. Or your parents could be. In this kinds of events, a Great Gatsby themed party would be perfect for the golden evening. Have everyone dressed in 1920’s New York evening fashion with some cocktails served. Customize your photo booth rental with an elegant black and gold Gatsby theme and let everyone be classy in their photos.


Bring back the music and the colorful fashion of the 60’s with a retro themed party. This can be great for reunions with friends in high school. Be one of the organizers, and make everyone do the groove as they get acquainted with each other again after some years. And of course, don’t forget to negotiate with the photo booth rental and have everything themed in retro. Your friends and batch mates will surely love their take home photo souvenirs from the customized photo booth in the reunion.

Photo Booth Rentals for Any Event


When renting out a photo booth, don’t just settle on the ready made themes that the photo booth rental offers you. They want to make their customers happy, so make most out of it. Negotiate with them, tell them what your event is, the theme, and how you want it to be like. Customize your photo booth rental according to your desired theme, and make the guests in your event happy and satisfied taking home with them their photos and sharing them online.