GAF is the largest manufacturer for residential and commercial roofing in North America. GAF shingles roofing provides a daunting experience as it offers varied color, configuration and style. You can select from basic to designer shingles that meet your color, style and budget. GAF shingles for business are in great demand as it gives a wood shake appearance without affecting its performance.

Benefits of GAF Shingles Roofing for Your Business

different types of roofing shingles* Thick: GAF shingles are quite thick. Their designs are authentic which gives a rustic appearance to the commercial building. It involves less maintenance too.

* Designs: There are several different designs available for commercial as well as residential roofing. The designs are well made to suit the commercial requirements of the customer. The material used in the roof construction is very durable that ensures withstanding all elements like fire, storm, snow etc.

* Longevity: Along with the benefits of style and design the AF shingles also offer the benefits of longevity. They can survive for decades. They are strong enough to face any weather related issues. GAF shingles also undergo endurance testing that test the toughness and resistance.

* Variety: GAF shingles are available in different style and color that can match to your business environment.

* Warranty: You get warranty for 10 years on shingles and GAF accessories including ridge cap shingles, starter strip shingles, roof deck protection, lifetime shingles, cobra attic ventilation and leak barrier.

Below are few colors that are available in GAF shingles

* Hickory

* Pewter gray

* Williamburg slate

* Patriot red

* Mission brown

* Hunter green

* Biscayne blue

* Barkwood

* Mission brown

* Weathered wood

Features of GAF Shingles Roofing

* They are affordably priced to suit the budget of different customers.

* It is designed giving different shadow effects and High definition color blends

* They are eco-friendly offering protection with few utilization of natural resources.

* They are composed uniquely with best quality craftsmanship.

* GAF shingles are created using good quality adhesive for tight shingle seal that prevents it from blowing off.

* The materials are sustainable and hence environmental friendly.

* All the roofing materials are versatile that can withstand all tests.

* They are very easy to install

GAF offers three levels of protection

* Three tab (3-tab) shingles: These are the basic protections that are suitable for businesses with restricted budgets. These are very affordable and hence popular among most business people.

* Lifetime shingles: This shingles comes with lifetime limited warranty. This is considered as the best investment for roofing as it offers ultra-dimensional wood shake like look. It is value for money and performance. It saves energy and reflects the heat.

* Designer lifetime shingles: These are beautiful, durable, stylish and exceptional. It gives an attractive and appeal look with timeless beauty. It is expensive as compared to the other two levels. It has extra thick slabs that offer more protection. This shingles offer rugged, timeless and classic look at an affordable prices. The designs of these shingles are very unique that enables creating a dramatic visual impact for businesses.