Have you thought of becoming an electrician?

What Exactly Is an Electrician?

An electrician is a person to installs, repairs, and maintains electrical units, systems, and equipment in homes, business establishments, factories, and almost anywhere.

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It may sound just a simple job becoming an electrician, but electricians are responsible for installing electricity to different parts of the building safely, ensuring that no accidents occur for the people’s safety, and that is why electricians should be able to convert their theoretical knowledge on electric systems and codes to applied knowledge.

Learn How to Become an Electrician

What Does an Electrician Do?

Electricians solve complex math problems and read blueprints to safely install electrical systems. They are more prone to work-related injuries, especially that electricians don’t only install electrical systems at a convenient place. Often, they still have to climb roofs or crouch to reach in areas where there are faulty wiring.

Electricians can work in many types of industry such as electrical maintenance, construction, commercial, and contracting companies.

How Much Does an Electrician Make?

The rates of electricians can vary on their skills, experiences, and other relevant factors. Master electricians make more than the regular ones. On average, a regular electrician can make $22.32 per hour. Apprentice workers may be paid lower than regular ones, and this may range from $10 an hour. As skills and experiences of apprentice electricians develop, so too do their pays.

Almost half of the electricians in the United States are members of a union, and most of them belong to the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.

So how does one become an electric worker? Does it need any educational requirements?

How to Become an Electrician

How to Become an ElectricianElectricians don’t just cut and attach electric wiring. They have to make sure that what they are doing is both correct and safe. That is why electricians need serious training. Generally they are trained for about four years. This training includes classes for theoretical knowledge and for practicing on how to apply them. The students are then subjected to apprenticeship and on-the-job training. To become an apprentice, the main requirement is a high school diploma of a G.E.D or General Equivalency Diploma.

Once you become an electrician, you are expected always be updated in the most recent knowledge of the National Electric Code, and if you want to specify a field as an electrical worker, you’ll have to undergo more advanced training.

What else do electricians do? Where else can they work?

Career Paths of Electricians

As your experience of being an electric worker grows, you can take higher paths and become a head technician in a business establishment, or supervisor, a project manager, or a superintendent in a construction company.

You can also take more training to be a master electrician and become a contractor. Or you can specialize more on the environmental side of electrical works and pursue additional training in solar, wind, hydro, and other alternative energy.


Becoming an electrician is not an easy job. You have to always be knowledgeable of what you are doing, for small mistakes can lead to big troubles. As an electrician, you are responsible for the safety of your clients from electrical accidents. And if you want to be one, find a school near you that offers such program, finish the course, and start your way to higher paths.