Foster parent and childA functional family is a wonderful place to begin your life and development. A family provides unconditional love that helps you develop trust and cooperation. The family lays the foundation for your future success be it in school or elsewhere. However, some families face challenges and are unable to cater for their own children and have to make alternative arrangements.

Complexities of Student Fostering

The business of student fostering involves an elaborate process with many stakeholders and interested groups. Each government has policies and laws that govern fostering and child care. The policies and regulations cover the process in terms of which children can be fostered, procedure for adoption, vetting, visitations and documentation among others.
Whereas fostering should be based on a human desire to help provide a conducive home and environment, student fostering has become a lucrative business for some. Some are in it for the personal aggrandizement and not for the love or need of the children.


Foster parents and familyA study in the United Kingdom (UK) which followed up on the people mandated to investigate, vet, approve and recommend children for fostering such as social workers and judges. The rising number of children removed from their families and recommended for foster care and the speed with which some judges endorse this may raise some questions.
Some child welfare workers have used their area of specialization and service to benefit themselves. Most companies in child welfare were found to be owned by social workers. These companies were reeking in millions. How do people in fostering business get so much money?

Local authorities invest enormous amounts of money to ensure that arrangements are put in place for the proper functioning of fostering homes. The child care givers are hired and paid by the local authorities while for each child taken the leading fostering company would be paid as much as £ 590 every week or £ 30000 per annum. Some of the companies paid each of their owners up to £ 7 million and £406, 000 inclusive of fringe benefits to the highest paid director.

In other places, fostering companies have engaged in the stock market business by enlisting others. To circumvent the law, they have used partners and registered other companies in the partners’ names because the law may not allow them to engage foster care in business.
Some families in foster the business of student foster care business acknowledge that the money they get for foster care helps. If they gave up fostering children, then the money would not come. Besides, there are grants and scholarships to help support these children’s education.

Foster care adoptionSome Exceptions

It would be unfair to label all fostering business as bad. There are still some out there who feel for children in need and take them up for foster care. This includes those unable to bear children but have a desire and qualify to be foster parents and those who just love to help children. Foster children be quite a daunting task to take care of sometimes. The fact that there are people out there engaged in this noble endeavor is commendable.