Using Search Engine Optimization to Improve Your Online Business

Search engine optimization, formerly known as SEO, basically, is a marketing discipline that involves getting traffic from organic or rather non-paid search results on a search engine’s page. This process requires a lot of effort, strategy and time but this has been made easier, simpler and quicker by the availing of SEO tools. Some of these tools are free but others are paid. So it is your choice on which kind of SEO tools you were going for.

Just like in construction projects, the right good tools directly influence the final look of the house or rather the success of the project. So, you might ask yourself how can you improve your online marketing? Use SEO. But the question is how can you work faster and more effectively with SEO? The answer is simple. Use the right SEO tools. And most of all you should use a tool that will cover your needs and is flexible enough to be used in various ways. For a startup business, we advise that you go for the free SEO tools but for a larger corporation paid tools or SEO companies can help a lot to reduce the hard work.

seo process and tools to improve your businessTop 10 Free SEO Tools

Here we are going to list some of the top 10 Free SEO tools that can help you improve your Search engine ranking.

1. Google PageSpeed Insights – This tool helps you test the load time and performance of your site. It also helps you by identifying any point you need to improve your site’s SEO. This tool analyses both the desktop and mobile version of your site, but what makes it special is that in the mobile tests are shows results like user experience score, grades tap targets and font sizes.

2. Moz Local Listing Score – This SEO tool breaks down data from various sources like Facebook, Google, and Foursquare to provide the general outlook on how your business looks on the web. The results of the search have actionable fixes for any incomplete or inconsistent listing.

3. – This tool provides you with adequate suggestions of unique keywords that can improve your SEO.

4. Google Analytics – Google Analytics helps in tracking any kind of traffic on your site, it also does stats and search insights on user trends and how they land on your web pages.

5. Open Site Explorer – Helps in conducting link analysis, that includes the most linked-to pages on your site and the links that have an impact on your site

6. Google Kay Word Planner – It helps you figure out what people are searching for. Whenever you enter a keyword in the tool, Google will provide you with starts that will help in in keyword planning and even give you suggestions on keywords you never had in mind.

7. Google Trends – This tool helps you do a quick search on Google for SEO and Keyword opportunities for your web content.

8. QuickSprout Website Analyzer – It conducts thorough research on anything you want for your site from SEO optimization, keywords, links to even site speed.

9. XML Sitemaps – This tool helps you create sitemaps that you will upload to the Google Webmaster Tools. This is done just by entering your website’s URL and other parameters.

10. Copyscape – this helps you proof the uniqueness of your web content before posting it online. This will help you put your SEO in order.

Having a better SEO means a higher search engine ranking and all this sums up to a good business and marketing strategy. SEO tools are the right way to go if you don’t have enough to spend on hiring an SEO company or expert.