When you hear the word “valet,” there is a big possibility that your thoughts then imagine a hotel or an expensive restaurant. A few seconds later, a very nice car arrives on the front door, a super handsome hunk comes out of the vehicle and drops the keys into the hands of the waiting person in uniform who then, in turn, runs towards the driver’s seat and proceeds to park the car someplace no one really knows where.

Am I right so far? Well, you’re not wrong. But this is not the only service that a valet company provides. In fact, one of these might actually surprise you. Here are some of those services.

No more apologizing to your guests


Private Events

If you’ve ever planned or produced a special event, then you must admit that parking and vehicle organization is not at the top of your priority list. If you put yourself in your guest’s shoes, what would you think if you arrived at the party or event and have a hard time trying to find a parking space, or worse, you have to park somewhere not really close, and you have to walk over to the event. What if you were wearing your best suit and your partner had high heels? Not a pretty picture.

Valet parking will drive that problem away (see what I did there?). No more apologizing to your guests because of the uncomfortable situation that you put them through, no more paying for damages to cars because the spaces were to close to each other and they bumped another car, and most importantly, no more bothersome text message or calls from the guest telling they’re not coming because there’s no more parking.

Venue Parking

Now let’s do another scenario. Imagine if you were doing this event inside a covered building and you think that parking won’t be a problem because there are lots of spaces and rain is not an issue. Nothing to worry there, right? That’s a great analysis. But finding a parking space is not the issue here. Think “extra mile service.”

Valet parking in your venue not only tells the guests that you are expecting them, it gives your guests the mindset that they really are that important and valuable that you would spend a little extra for this special treat. I guarantee you, you won’t regret it.


If you think that a valet service only does parking, then this is the surprise I was talking about. You can hire a professional chauffeur to take you to that all-important special occasion and you will definitely arrive in style.

White-glove service for you and your loved ones as you attend a friend’s wedding or to company parties with colleagues, and even for just a “paint the town red” night out with the crew, having a driver saves you (or the designated driver) from the stress of, well, driving around.

hire a professional chauffeur to take you to that all-important special occasion


Try Valet Now

Hiring a valet service immediately puts a touch of style and grace to any occasion that you either prepare or attend. No more worries about parking spaces, no more trouble with disgruntled guests, and focus your 100% on the event.

Find a valet company in Dallas, Texas that is highly recommended and have lots of regular clients. That means they are good with their job and they are consistent. So research a good valet service in your area now, and be special.


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